Top 10 Best WordPress Themes on Template Monster in 2022

Best Wordpress Themes on Template Monster

If you are searching for the best WordPress theme, you will eventually look through many themes on Template Monster has thousands of themes and templates to choose from. The process of selecting the right them for your website can take hours and hours. We have compiled a list of the top 10 highest-rated WordPress themes on to help make it easier for you to find the best theme for you.


1. Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

2. Monstroid – Best WordPress Template (Our Review | View on

3. BeClinic – Medical WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

4. BuildWall – Construction WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

5. Ascendio – Corporate WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

6. Provise – Financial WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

7. Trucky – Transportation WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

8. Remi – Photographer WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

9. Imperion – Corporate WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on

10. JohnnyGo – Home Services WordPress Theme (Our Review | View on


1. Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme
Monstroid2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

About Monstroid2
Monstroid2 has a super-light package weight, and it is smooth in performance. This WordPress Theme has pre-designed sections and ready-made pages available in Magic Button. There is a substantial pre-styled pages library that is easy to use and customizable to get the best results. There are weekly updates to this theme. The weekly updates include different skins, topics, and new improvements. Monstroid2 includes the popular Elementor page builder and real-time editing with no coding. It is an open-source WordPress theme, which makes it easy to work on if you need any special features.

Top Features
The top advantages of Monstroid 2 are its user-friendly wizard. You will experience an easy installation with fewer clicks. Another top feature is the drag-and-drop Elementor page builder that allows you to create and edit in real-time. Monstroid2 allows for flexible customization. There are always a ton of customization options available. You will not be behind with the Monsroid 2 WordPress Theme, because there are frequent updates to stay current with the times. The updates are always ahead of the current version.

Customer Support
Monstroid2 includes a competitive support team. If you have a complex issue that you cannot solve, there is a caring support team available to assist you. The support team is available 24/7 through email and live chat. Outside of the support team, Monstroid2 also has a documentation library. The comprehensive documentation library provides you answers to frequent questions you may have if you cannot wait for the support team. The theme comes with the stunning JetMenu, which can be used to create spectacular Mega menus. You can create engaging menus and enhance them with multiple elements, such as multimedia files, portfolios, blog layouts, and products from your online store.

Who is the theme best for?
Monstroid2 is best for beginners, developers, web-studios, bloggers, and e-store owners. Why is Monstroid2 great for beginners? The theme is simple, and the user does not have to waste time watching tutorials. There are pre-made selections that will appeal to the beginner. If you don’t have a structured plan, this theme includes several templates in one. You can change your design with ease. It is also ideal for the beginner because support is always available to walk you through your problems or issues with the theme.

The professional web designer will also like Monstroid2 because it is a lightweight theme. The whole package is only 250kb. Large files, pictures, and videos do well with this theme because it has a fast download speed.

The Monstroid2 theme is $75 – Available on

Current Customer Reviews
Monstroid2 is one of the top WordPress Themes. People are giving the Monstroid2 theme high ratings and positive reviews. They are saying things like:
• Exceptional support
• The template is fantastic and complete
• Great for beginners
• Professional-looking theme
• Great plugins available
• The theme is easy to use with a ton of features

2. Monstroid – Best WordPress Template

Monstroid - Best WordPress Template
Monstroid – Best WordPress Template

About Monstroid
Many web designers refer to this theme as the champion of the multipurpose WordPress Themes. This theme has a super-fast installation, and it is lightweight and optimized. Simply put – it was designed for success. With flexible templates, the Monstroid theme is one of the top themes to use with Elementor. A few clicks will allow you to customize even the smallest aspects of your website.

With 55 powerfully designed templates available, Monstroid provides designs that will fit the needs of all tasks. Jet plugins are available to add more functionality to the Elementor builder. You will notice that this theme is installed differently from other WordPress themes. Once you purchase this theme, it will be installed as a plugin.

Top Features
The Monstroid theme was developed by top experts to give infinite possibilities. When you purchase Monstroid, you pay only once, but you get three or more new templates each month. The theme includes multiple layouts for each design. You can personalize and adapt the layouts to fit your project needs. The layouts include full width, grid, select boxed, and sidebars. There are 15 child themes available. Each month you will have access to additional child themes.

Monstroid features a MotoPress page builder, which means you do not need coding skills for this theme. WordPress Themes that do not require coding can be navigated with ease.

The Monstroid theme allows you to switch styles instantly. Additionally, shortcodes are available to help you style your pages and easily maintain content. Furthermore, there are several slider plugins included with the Monstroid theme.

A popular feature of the Monstroid theme is that it includes over 50 free licensed images and 500 Google fonts. The theme also has social media integration. You are able to show the location of your company with Google Maps integration.

Who is the theme best for?
This theme is great for both the beginner and professionals. The easy-to-use interface will help guide you along the process of creating your website. The professional will love the 100 fully customizable PSD files. The beginner will enjoy the free images and pre-selected layouts for easy customization. There is also a portfolio section available that allows you to present and easily manage your work. This theme is suited for someone who is looking for an easy-to-use template that serves multiple purposes and includes a diverse group of features.

Customer Support
The theme comes with a full spectrum of support services. If you have questions concerning the theme, you can always contact support through live chat. They provide tutorials to help you answer the most commonly asked questions. There is 24/7 support available with the Monstroid theme.

The Monstroid WordPress Theme is $79 – Available via

Current Customer Reviews
The current customers are saying things like:
• Works great with my WordPress website
• Themes are easy and flexible
• Able to prepare multiple websites with the Monstroid theme
• Suits my needs with no coding needed
• The best multipurpose theme – greatly recommended.
• A great template; bug-free and loads fast

3. BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

BeClinic - Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme
BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

About BeClinic
BeClinic is a multipurpose medical WordPress theme. The BeClinic theme gives you a complete medical business theme solution in one place. The theme contains the functionality that is needed to build a medical website. BeClinic includes a fully editable design, theme modifications, and many standard features. There are also custom solutions that can be modified to fit your business.

Top Features
The BeClinic WordPress Theme features six niche skins. You can use the demo skins for those in the following industries: dentistry, plastic surgery, psychology, medical clinics, cosmetology, and kids. The demo skins are free and included in the download package. There are multiple pre-designed layouts in the BeClinic theme. The dashboard allows you to switch between pre-made pages.

The pages of the BeClinic theme are well structured, and the layout makes it easy for users to find necessary information quickly. The theme allows medical websites (that often contain a lot of information) to be more user-friendly. One noticeable feature is that the theme positions the contact information and working hours clearly so that they are easily seen when the page loads. There is also a built-in timetable function with the BeClinic theme. This function allows you to see the working hours of every specialist connected with the clinic. An appointment manager is integrated into the theme. A “Make an Appointment” button is available on the home page to make it easy for clients to schedule an appointment.

The BeClinic theme also includes a MegaMenu as the default setting. This menu consists of all types of information related to the website. The BeClinic theme has a one-click install that will give you all of the theme components quickly. One-click installation is always a great feature.

Who is the BeClinic Theme best for?
This theme is great for anyone that needs a website for a medical-related business. The functionality available through the website makes it easy for the everyday person to manage. Both beginners and experienced developers can easily use the theme. The theme is easy to install and launch your website. If you have a medical or health-related business and need to have a functional website for your clients, BeClinic just might be the right option for you.

Customer Support
There is 24/7 customer support with the BeClinic theme. You can write their expert technical support team to ask any questions about the theme.

The BeClinic Theme is $75 – Available on

Current Client Reviews
Customers are writing great reviews about the BeClinic WordPress theme.
• Very flexible and highly customizable
• Great theme with easy installation of demo content
• Support is timely and helpful
• A common weakness, a lot of plugins enabled
• Best medical theme
• Easy to use, took about four days to build a complete site
• User-friendly, one of the best templates I purchased

4. BuildWall – Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BuildWall - Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme
BuildWall – Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme

About BuildWall
BuildWall is a multipurpose WordPress Theme for construction companies. The theme is flexible and user-friendly, specifically built for all types of construction businesses. The theme has excellent efficiency and functionality. BuildWall includes 11 unique skins for multiple construction topics and allows you to build with the Elementor page builder, making it easy for everyone. You can create content without any coding, customize styles quickly, and have access to over 50 widgets. Jet plugins are also included with the BuildWall theme. The BuildWall theme allows you to showcase your services, master your projects, sell efficiently with WooCommerce, and brand your business.

Top Features
There are 30 custom pages with the BuildWall theme. In addition to the custom pages, there are three custom blog layouts, which give you multiple ways to showcase news and blog posts. The theme has built-in E-store options. The header and footer on the BuildWall theme are fully editable, and the front-end interface allows you to customize both the header and footer. There are multiple engaging elements available with the theme that will enable you to add brand appeal to your website. BuildWall includes an extensive collection of themed font icons.

Like many WordPress Themes, BuildWall includes custom page designs, such as portfolio, testimonials, contact, and team members. These custom designs make it easier for you to complete your website without worrying about design and layout. The theme supports mega menus and Revolution Slider. You have access to all the images used in the demo. There are over 35 widgets available, and the theme integrates with Google fonts. The BuildWall theme is fully responsive and SEO friendly. The installation is quick and easy, and the theme supports right-to-left language.

BuildWall uses fresh and unique UI elements. The theme includes pre-made customizable modules and blocks, and additional form fields can easily be added with the theme. The visual builder in the BuildWall theme allows you to add products and create store pages without leaving the page. The demos available on BuildWall are perfect for different construction-related purposes, such as construction, architecture, corporate businesses, home construction, construction equipment, pool construction, and eco-home construction.

Customer Support
The BuildWall theme provides 24/7 customer support. It also includes detailed documentation that provides answers to questions about the theme.

Who is the theme best for?
The theme is perfect for anyone with a construction services website, no matter the specific niche. The BuildWall theme allows you to customize the site based on your particular niche within construction. The theme is excellent for both beginners and expert users. It has an easy to use interface and includes features that expert developers will appreciate.

The BuildWall theme is $69 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers are giving BuildWall good reviews:
• Many features to choose from, I appreciate the Portfolio feature
• Worked well with my new website
• Easy to use; the installation process was simple and quick
• If you don’t have any coding skills, but want a nice website design, the BuildWall theme is for you.

5. Ascendio – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme
Ascendio – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

About Ascendio
Ascendio is a corporate and business WordPress Theme. The Ascendio them comes with pre-designed homepage layouts to help you design your website directly out the box, which means you do not have to buy anything additional to create a professional business website. The theme is easy to download, and you will have access to updated WordPress business solutions. Ascendio was explicitly created for corporate and business clients. The theme ensures that fast-growing companies have the necessary tools to be successful with a functional website. The theme features user-friendly capabilities, and no coding experience is needed.

Top Features
Ascendio includes SEO-friendly pages that you do not have code or configure. The SEO-friendly pages are designed to help boost your website on search engine result pages. The Ascendio WordPress Theme is optimized for speedy and safe performance. Your content will be seen clearly by both desktop and mobile devices. The theme is 100% responsive.

Additionally, the Elementor page builder is integrated into the theme, which allows for the drag-and-drop building of your website. Pre-designed elements and features are also available with Ascendio. Header and footer customization will enable you to add things that are specific to your business.

The WordPress live customizer was added to Ascendio to reveal customization in real-time. Your site can be updated within seconds. The theme features the Ecwid e-commerce plugin, which allows you to sell products and services directly from the pages of your website. Ascendio gives users the freedom to change themes by adding their code. This theme has a one-click installation and can be installed relatively quickly.

The Ascendio theme is a feature-rich template. All modules and extensions – such as the JetElements add-on – are available with the theme for free. The smart plugins and multiple homepage layouts allow users to build a professional business website without any hassle.

Who is the theme best for?
The Ascendio theme will work well for building corporate sites, blogs, business sites, and eCommerce projects. The theme allows you to add your code so that the experienced developer will enjoy this theme. Ascendio is considered a developer-friendly theme. However, if you are not familiar with coding and like the preset designs, you can also use this theme.

Customer Support
The purchase of the Ascendio theme includes 24/7 customer support and detailed documentation. It also includes a lifetime of free updates.

The Ascendio Theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers of the Ascendio theme are saying:
• Great template and support from the team
• Easy to set up; well designed
• Helped my project work nicely; easy and clean template
• Great capability with Elementor
• Fantastic, easy to edit, professional, and one-click installation
• It comes with Elementor which makes it so easy to use
• The theme is clean and fresh; it has everything I need

6. Provise – Special Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

Provise - Special Financial Consulting WordPress Theme
Provise – Special Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

About Provise
Provise is a specialized financial consulting WordPress Theme, perfect for marketing, banking, management, advertising, accounting, insurance, and other business in the financial industry. The Elementor plugin will allow you to build your website content without any coding experience. Provise also includes customized styles with over 50 available widgets.

Top Features
The Provise theme comes with several standard plugins. Jet plugins – such as Jet elements, blocks, tricks, data importer, plugin wizard, and themecore – are also included. You can install the Provise theme with one click. The installation wizard will allow you to install plugins and the demo content easily. A bonus feature of the theme is the high-quality image pack. This bonus gives you a set of free stock images dedicated to the topic of the theme.

Provise has several unique features. First and foremost, the theme is SEO-friendly. An SEO-friendly theme will help your professional website to rate higher on search engines for your target keywords. The Provise WordPress theme is WPML-ready and has animated infographics available for those that do not want to written content exclusively. Add a custom headshot photo of yourself to make the website more personable. It also includes the parallax option to give the illusion that you are in an actual office.

You can also add brand appeal to your website with the many icons available with the Provise theme. Some of the page options included are the Homepage layout, About page layout, and team members page layout. The theme allows you to customize and add the pages that will highlight the services you offer and make your business better. The purpose of the Provise theme is to persuade website visitors to buy your services. Provise accomplishes this purpose by letting users know what you offer.

Customer Support
There is 24/7 fast lifetime support with Provise. The support team will help ensure the theme is working correctly on your website. There is also documentation available for users to reference when needed.

Who is the Provise theme for?
This theme is an excellent choice for anyone that would like to build a website catered to the financial and business world. The theme includes Elementor, which makes it easier for the everyday person to use. You do not need to know how to code to use the theme. Additionally, it is also an excellent theme for the advanced user with multiple plugins included with the package.

The Provise Theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers are giving the Provise theme the following reviews:
• Enjoyable, fast, great, and easy theme
• We love this theme because of the smooth style
• I was able to save a lot of money and time. Easy installation.
• I’m a freelance web designer. This theme is perfect for me.
• The templates are easy to adjust to your own taste.
• The templates are professional and easy to maintain.
• Masterpiece theme; my client loves it.

7. Trucky – Transportation & Logistics Responsive WordPress Theme

Trucky - Transportation & Logistics Responsive WordPress Theme
Trucky – Transportation & Logistics Responsive WordPress Theme

About Trucky
Trucky is a responsive theme created to help transportation and logistics businesses with their everyday business needs in an easy manner. The Trucky theme allows users to design a functional website using the drag and drop method without having to do any coding.

Top Features
There is a page builder included in the Trucky theme. The page builder includes over 25 modules, a library of presets, and drag-and-drop functionality. The Trucky theme page builder has an advanced set of configuration options. You can customize the design of the Trucky theme to fit the needs of your business. Trucky includes multiple layout options. You can try different layout options to see which one fits the page structure that is ideal for your business. The Trucky theme allows you to save time building your website by allowing you to save layouts in a built-in library.

Content modules in the theme allow you to add different content types to your page. The content types include buttons, pricing tables, images, sliders, contact forms, and more. Each content module has an extended set of options that allows for further style customization of your website. Other module options you can add to your website include call-to-action, blog, blurb, divider, map, and number counter. The Trucky theme allows you to enjoy a sleek and modern design.

The Trucky theme includes social media widgets, Simple Slider, and post carousel. The Trucky theme helps your business build a robust online presence with the available widgets. Your widget is a way to display your content more visually. With the live editor, you can see all the changes you make to your website design live without having to reload the page.

The Trucky theme is fully responsive, is mobile-friendly, and looks great on any device. Trucky is SEO friendly, and you do not have to write any code. The code and structure of the theme are already optimized for the Google guidelines to help your website reach the top of search results. Google fonts are also integrated into the theme. The theme presents a cutting-edge appearance and performance on all screen resolutions.

Customer Support
The theme supports 24/7 effective and friendly support. There is also easy to follow documentation guides that you can follow to install and use the theme.

Who is the Trucky theme for?
The Trucky theme is a fantastic option for beginners and advanced developers who would like to build a fully functional website for a trucking, transportation, and logistics business.

The Trucky Theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Here’s what current customers are saying the following about the Trucky WordPress Theme:
• Very relevant layouts for the transport industry
• Excellent template. If you are looking for a template for a trucking and logistics business, this is a great choice.
• The theme is highly customizable.

8. Remi – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Remi - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme
Remi – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

About Remi
Remi is a photographer portfolio WordPress theme that allows you to showcase your photography skills and work with a pre-designed layout.

Top Features
The Cherry Framework is integrated into this theme. With Cherry Projects, you can create a gallery of your projects quickly. You can choose from a variety of layout options and animations. This integration will allow you to add custom metadata and use categories and tags to help filter the output. The Cherry Projects feature gives you advanced functionality that is easy to use.

Remi is equipped with multiple layout options, and you can experiment with the structure and design of your page, using several available layouts. Your website can be designed quickly with the layout feature. With this feature, you can save your favorite layouts to make the process of changing your website faster and easier. There is also a built-in library available on Remi where you can save your layouts – which is extremely useful when creating new pages. WordPress Themes that have built-in libraries reduce the amount of time the user has to spend re-creating their vision.

Custom widgets are another feature available with Remi. The custom widgets add advanced functionality to your website. A few of the widgets included are post carousel, Simple Slider, and a social media widget. Widgets can offer you a different way to display your content to appeal to your audience. The social media widget is a feature that can help boost the traffic to your website.

The Cherry Sidebar feature creates custom sidebars. With this plugin, you can customize the sidebars your add to your website. With the live customizer feature, you can change the layouts and make updates and see the changes immediately, without having to reload your page. The Remi theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly and looks great on any screen resolution on any device.

The code for this theme is well-structured, clean, and carefully commented. With the comments, you can learn the purpose of any element reasonably quickly. Remi is also SEO-friendly. The code and structure are already optimized in this theme to fit Google guidelines. This theme will allow you to choose from over 500 Google fonts.

Who is the theme for?
The Remi theme includes preset layouts that any beginner user can manage. The Cherry Framework makes the theme easy-to-use for beginners. The advanced developer will like the option to view and edit code to customize the theme further.

Customer Support
Remi has 24/7 support included with purchase. There is also detailed documentation available to guide you through the install and use of the theme.

The Remi theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers of the Remi WordPress Theme are saying:
• I love the theme, and I was able to do a few custom tweaks.
• Very interesting theme.
• Useful and easy to use.
• Great theme to work with as a beginner.

9. Imperion – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

Imperion - Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme
Imperion – Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme

About Imperion
Imperion is a multipurpose corporate theme that allows you to create a professional website to market your business. The theme was specifically designed for corporate and business websites, and it comes with clean and modern features and designs for a professional look. There are pre-designed layouts, the Elementor builder, WooCommerce integration, and much more. Several plugins are also included with the Imperion theme.

Top Features
Imperion comes with several pre-designed demos. You can save time by using one of the demos by including your content to the pre-designed layout. The sections that are pre-made and easily accessible are a services section, testimonials, portfolio, team members, and more. The Imperion theme has excellent functionality that will allow you to create an eye-catching website.

The Elementor page builder is integrated into the Imperion theme, which makes it easy for beginners to create a professional-looking website. You will have access to layouts, and you will be able to edit the layouts without touching code. JetElements are also included. They will allow you to add things such as content blocks, buttons, sliders, maps, social icons, and more to your website.

Imperion includes the Revolution Slider plugin, mega menu, and WooCommerce. The WooCommerce feature makes it easy to add an online store to your website and start selling products. Other features include social media buttons that are strategically placed to boost your social media presence. The theme includes an email newsletter subscription form and a blog option with several post formats and layouts. You can use the blog to publish content and attract traffic to your website.

The Imperion theme has multiple header and footer styles, supports both Google fonts and Google maps, and includes an events calendar. This theme works with the WordPress Live Customizer, allowing you to see changes to your website in real-time without reloading pages. Another cool feature is that you have the right to use all the images that are in the demo.

Who is the theme for?
Both beginners and advanced web developers can use this theme. It is for anyone that would like to build a professional corporate or business website.

Customer Support
The Imperion Theme comes with 24/7 customer support. It also includes detailed documentation that will walk you through the installation and features of the theme.

The Imperion theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers of the Imperion WordPress Theme are saying:
• The template is modern and easy to install.
• One of my favorite WordPress Themes with a professional design
• The theme presents numerous editing possibilities.
• This theme can be used for almost any type of business.
• Reliable support services and great design.
• Easy to use and great for new companies.
• Powerful theme with a flexible interface.

10. JohnnyGo – Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

JohnnyGo - Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme
JohnnyGo – Multipurpose Home Services WordPress Theme

About JohnnyGo
JohnnyGo is a multipurpose home services theme. WordPress Themes for home builders should showcase the business without including too many distractions, and this is what JohnnyGo accomplishes. This is an all-in-one theme for all types of home service companies. JohnnyGo includes 30 custom pages, 16 demos, showcase services, and more.

Top Features
JohnnyGo has a modern design that includes features that will appeal to all home services professionals. The theme includes a collection of niche skins that cater to the home services business. Specifically, the skins target industries like landscape, handyman, electrician, roofing, plumbing, window installation, and air conditioning (HVAC). JohnnyGo includes free lifetime updates. Each update adds new designs with additional niche skins.

The theme includes pre-designed layouts, extensions, and design elements. The pre-built layouts will save you time when creating your website, as you will not have to recreate each page of the site. There are over 15 pre-designed demos, which can be installed with one-click. The JohnnyGo theme also has a drag-and-drop page builder included.

No coding skills are needed with this theme. The Elementor page builder is integrated into JohnnyGo. Elementor allows you to easily change the website in the visual mode without typing any code. After the one-click installation, it is easy to switch between skins and layouts.

Every aspect of the theme is optimized for speed and performance. Any task can be completed on the website within minutes. High-quality images can be expensive, but the JohnnyGo theme includes a collection of professional photos, which are free for theme owners. If you want to use the JohnnyGo theme on more than one website, you will need to purchase additional theme licenses.

JohnnyGo is fully optimized to look great on any device. The main theme and skins will work well together for both business and eCommerce projects. The six included forms will allow your clients to order services directly from your website. You will also be able to add team members, services, testimonials, blog, and arrange appointments. All the elements included with the theme are customizable.

Other features of JohnnyGo include it being retina-ready, speed-optimized, WPML-ready, runs on Cherry Framework 5, and the visual editor is included. This theme includes two premium plugins for free, and it is Ecwid-ready. JohnnyGo includes an Ajax product filter, and it is Mailchimp ready.

Who is the theme for?
This theme is for both beginner and advanced users. The theme is perfect for anyone that would like to build a fully functional home services website.

Customer Support
24/7 customer service is available with the JohnnyGo Theme. Detailed documentation is also included to help guide you through the installation and theme features.

The JohnnyGo Theme is $75 – Available at

Current Customer Reviews
Current customers of JohnnyGo are giving the following reviews:
• Easy installation and setup, as well as customization.
• So far, so good. The theme came with a lot of options. I wish I didn’t have to buy extra support, but overall a great theme.
• Very clean design, easy to work with. I found all source files included, and it was straight-forward.